Jenny (Xiao) Zhang

Why All Leaders should post on LinkedIn


If you consider yourself a thought leader but you have not started to post on LinkedIn, you should start to do it now. Here is why.

I recently read an article – Why Your Native Ads Really Belong on LinkedIn. The key takeaway of this article is that LinkedIn is becoming a high quality content platform to reach a very engaged group of audience and gives brands a great place to show off thought leaders.

I cannot agree more with this article. Compared to other social network, LinkedIn definitely has higher quality content and is more customized to the audience’s interests. I checked the Influencer posts on a daily basis and everyday I will find something useful.

More and more executives start to post on LinkedIn. The Target CMO started to post on LinkedIn after the Target Breach and his posts changed my feelings about the Target brand. By sharing and commenting on the Influencer posts, you can start to build relationship with them. I think Linkedin may become a high quality O2O site for companies and their products in the future.

There are three benefits of sharing thought leadership on LinkedIn compared to traditional channels:
1) It takes less time to write a LinkedIn post than creating a traditional thought leadership document. In this fast changing world, the hot topics are changing consistently, like the Trends on Twitter. It is easy to keep up with the Trends with LinkedIn posts.
2) It is easier for audience to interact with the thought leaders via LinkedIn post than traditional thought leadership. Readers can easily share and comment on the posts to ask questions and express their feelings.
3) By interacting with thought leaders, the audience feel emotionally connected with the leaders themselves and actually believe what they said, instead of connecting with numbers and graphs via the traditional thought leadership. The traditional thought leadership is more like Ads and people normally do not trust Ads. But people trust and listen to the people they trust. The audience also feel more connected the Brand of the company and trust the Brand more since they trust their leaders. The best example will be Steve Jobs. I feel I am emotionally connected with him and I trust what he said. And from there I trust the Apple Brand can bring me the amazing things that Steve said. Steve is the best Spokesman for Apple.

If you have any ideas on how to better create and share thought leadership, I am hoping you can share with me, or on LinkedIn with a bigger audience.


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