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Videos Must watch for Tech lovers

YouTube videos
Are you trying to learn something new but do not know how to get started? Check YouTube videos!

I recently started to watch YouTube videos and I really hope I should have started to do it early. There are so many great videos that teach you everything. Since I am a tech lover, most of the videos I watch are about technology. If you are passion about technologies, here are the videos that you cannot miss.

Everyone IT

This playlist contains videos about basic concepts of IT. These videos are very easy to understand and cover a lot of topics. Even you do not know anything about IT, you will become an expert among your friends after watching the videos. I only keeps the topics that I am interested here but you can explore more in Eli the Computer Guy.

Cool Tech

This playlist contains videos about cool emerging technologies such as Big data, Mobile, Cloud computing, Internet of things. There are both general introduction and deep dive videos. These videos are as good as the professional training but cost you nothing. Is there any reason that you do not check them out?


This playlist contains videos about startup including Guy Kawasaki’s talks and Google Venture workshops. They are must watch for anyone who has an entrepreneurship mindset.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is no doubt one the greatest people who have changed our lives. He is a true thinker and doer with great vision. This playlist has videos of Steve Jobs’s best key notes for Apple, Speech at Stanford, interview with Bill Gates at D5, documentaries and early days interviews. Must watch for any Apple and Steve Jobs fans!


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Author of Sherlock Holmes stories said ” I never guess. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” No matter if you are making decisions for yourself or for your organizations, Analytics is an essential skill for you to be an efficient decision maker. This playlist contains videos to build your analytics strategy and tools such as Google Analytics, Tableau.

PS: for more Tableau tutorials, check out Tableau website.

Behavior Interviews

This playlist contains videos about how to prepare for Behavior interview questions. Since Behavior interview is an essential part for any job interviews, you cannot miss these if you want to land your dream job.

Case Interviews

This playlist contains videos about how to prepare for Case interview questions. Case interview is an essential part for consulting  job interviews. You should definitely watch these videos if you are interested in consulting jobs. Even if you may not actually go to any case interviews, they are great for practicing problem solving and business analytic skills.

Product Management

This playlist contains videos about product management. If you are interested product management and product marketing, you should definitely check these videos out.

Project Management

This playlist is about project management. If you are interested project management, you should definitely check this playlist out.


This playlist is about Excel. If you are interested Excel tips and tricks, you should definitely check this playlist out.


Documentaries are great ways to learn cool things in a fun way. Check out these fun documentaries about successful companies and entrepreneurs,  mega structures, games, super cars, and future of our lives.

I will update my playlists with new videos I discovered. If you have recommendation for any YouTube video channels, please feel free to leave a comment.


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