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Impossible List


My Impossible List

I got the idea of impossible list from Thomas Frank. Thanks to his very comprehensive The Ultimate Guide To Building A Personal Website, I built this personal site in two days without any problems.

I find the Impossible List page in Franks’s College Info Geek  is the most inspiring and fun page. I have been keeping a long term To-do list in Trello. Now it is time to add them into this Impossible List and turn them into reality. This list is very personal and is completed irrelevant to my job.

Professional Goals:

  • Write a blog post about Cutting-Edge technology/Professional development/TED talks every week.
  • Make my personal site multilingual.
  • Create an iPhone App for my personal site.
  • Give Talks for more than 200 people, in English and/or Mandarin.
  • Be a product manager of a world popular Web/Mobile Application.
  • Build the most popular online community for ACG (Animation, Comic, Game) Fans.

Skill Goals:

  • Learn Web/Mobile design
  • Learn Big Data Analytics
  • Be fluent in Japanese
  • Learn to play Golf

Travel Goals:

  • Alaska
  • Dubai
  • Italy
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Spain
  • London

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